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Streaming Film Collections by Subject

This guide is designed to help faculty and students identify streaming films for use in classes, projects, or even as secondary sources.

LGBTQ+ Featured Film

Barbara Hammer sits down with SF State Professor Cheryl Dunye for this extended discussion on their films, process and all of the personal that goes into their work.

"A Conversation with Barbara Hammer and Cheryl Dunye." , directed by Anonymous , produced by Documentary Film Institute. , Documentary Film Institute, 2018. Alexander Street,

Streaming Service Videos


  • LGBT studies videos
    • This link has already set the videos to include those from 2010 to the present with almost 300 videos ranging from a few minutes to full documentaries.  
  • Frameline (1972-2013)
    • Established in 1981, Frameline Distribution is the only nonprofit distributor that solely caters to LGBTQ+ film. Frameline's collection has over 250 award winning films that we distribute globally to universities, public libraries, film festivals, and community organizations. 


Films on Demand

  • LGBT Videos
  • Over 100 videos that allows for easy filtering of topic, ex. the media, feminism, etc. Majority of videos are episodes, documentaries or TED Talks. 

Frameline (specifically curated for LGBTQ).  

ALICE search for films from Frameline available streaming.  More films on DVD. 



Akerman, Chantal, et al. Je tu il elle: I you he she. The Criterion Collection, 2009.

Dearden, Basil, et al. Victim. The Criterion Collection, 2010.

Deitch, Donna, et al. Desert Hearts. Director-Approved DVD special edition, The Criterion Collection, 2017.

Fassbinder, Rainer Werner, et al. Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant: ein Krankheitsfall gewidmet dem, der hier Marlene wurde. Two-DVD special edition, The Criterion Collection, 2015.

Frears, Stephen, et al. My Beautiful Laundrette. Director-Approved DVD special edition, The Criterion Collection, 2015.

Haigh, Andrew, et al. Weekend. [Special ed.]; Widescreen, Criterion Collection, 2012.

Hohoff, Christian, et al. Fox and his friends. The Criterion Collection, 2017.

Kechiche, Abdellatif, et al. Blue is the warmest color =: La vie d’Adèle - chapitres 1 et 2. DVD edition, Criterion Collection, 2014.

Livingston, Jennie, et al. Paris Is Burning. Director-Approved two-DVD special edition, The Criterion Collection, 2020.

Merchant, Ismail, et al. Maurice. Criterion Collection : Distributed by Home Vision Entertainment, 2004.

Poiret, Jean, et al. La cage aux folles. English subtitled version, Criterion Collection, 2013.

Schlesinger, John, et al. Midnight Cowboy. Two-DVD special edition, The Criterion Collection, 2018.

Schmiechen, Richard, et al. The Times of Harvey Milk. Criterion collection ed., New Yorker Video, 2011.

Smith, Kevin, et al. Chasing Amy. Criterion Collection ; Distributed by Buena Vista Home Video, 2000.

Streeter, Tim, et al. Mala Noche: Bad Night. The Criterion Collection, 2007.

Visconti, Luchino, et al. Death in Venice. Criterion Collection, 2019.