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Streaming Film Collections by Subject

This guide is designed to help faculty and students identify streaming films for use in classes, projects, or even as secondary sources.

African Studies Featured Film

AFROPOP The Ultimate Cultural Exchange - YouTube Channel

  • AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange is a co-production of Black Public Media and WORLD Channel.

Downstream to Kinshasa,In 2000, thousands in Kisangani were killed or injured - the surviving victims of the Six-Day War have since been fighting for recognition and compensation. Tired of unsuccessful pleas, they embark to Kinshasa to voice their claims.

Streaming Service Videos


Films on Demand

  • African Studies Videos
    • Almost 700 videos that allows for easy filtering of topic, ex. North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc. Majority of videos are episodes, documentaries or TED Talks. 
  • California Newsreel - documentaries on Africa


Various titles via ALICE