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Streaming Film Collections by Subject

This guide is designed to help faculty and students identify streaming films for use in classes, projects, or even as secondary sources.


Welcome to the Sciences Film Collections!

You can click on each of the subjects below to go to their film page of this guide as well as see the Film & Media Resources Libguide which has more information on finding, streaming, and researching films. For further help with films please feel free to contact me or your subject librarian





Geology & Geography


Health Sciences






All Sciences

Films on Demand: 


  • Film Platform (distributor of documentaries on global issues, award-winning) 
  • PBS (will be overlap from FOD) 


JoVE Core provides video textbooks for introductory courses that can serve as an effective primary or supplementary teaching resources. Key concepts are brought to life through high-impact animations and scientist-in-action videos of experiments conducted in laboratory settings. Subjects include biology, chemistry, and social psychology.


Curriculum-focused video resources that support teaching and learning of commonly taught introductory labs. Three separate videos with step-by-step instructions for each lab experiment illustrate lab preparations for instructors, key theoretical concepts, and a protocol for students. Includes videos for biology and chemistry.