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English Literature

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Welcome to the English Literature Subject Guide

The purpose of this guide is to support teaching and research of English literature.  English literature includes creative writing, drama, poetry, almost any type of writing; from medieval manuscripts to gaming!  Additional information on where to find reviews, primary sources, how to cite and some other specialized resources.  In this guide you will find answers to:

  • Where is a good place to start looking for scholarly articles?cover of 1913 magazine, The Suffragist, 1913, Gerritsen Collection

  • How do I locate book titles? Can I request?

  • I need a book review and my book is dated 1903.

  • I need to find criticism on an author, title, genre.

  • I need historical primary research.

  • Need NYT review from 1965.

And more!

Looking for specific types of writing?  Check out the subject guide for Journalism or Translation as Writing or check other Modern Language Guides for  Spanish, Italian, German, and French.