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LC Call Numbers

Finding books by Library of Congress Call Numbers - check out these call numbers by visiting Alden Library book stacks (on 6 and 7th floors) or Glidden Hall, Music and Dance (anything music will be at Glidden).

  • PE1-3729             English (Old English, Dialects, Slang)
  • PM9001-9021      Secret languages
  • PN1-6790             Literature (General)
  • PN441-1009.5      Literary history
  • PN1010-1525       Poetry
  • PN1600-3307       Drama
  • PR1-9680             English literature
  • PS1-3576             American literature
  • PS(8001-8599)    Canadian  literature       

Music and Dance materials will be located (for the most part) and the Music and Dance Library in Glidden Hall.

Interested in Library of Congress Call # breakdown, check it out.