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ML 3270J: Translation as Writing

Index Translationum

Index TranslationumThe Index Translationum is a "World Bibliography of Translation." It contains cumulative bibliographical information on books translated and published in about one hundred of the UNESCO Member States since 1979 and totals more than 2.000.000 entries in all disciplines: literature, social and human sciences, natural and exact sciences, art, history and so forth. The database is updated regularly.

Finding Translations of English-Language Books into Other Languages

Libweb logoSince most U.S. libraries don't collect foreign translations of English-language works, the best way to find out if an English-language author's work has been translated into a foreign language is to go to the national library of the country where the foreign language is spoken via LibwebThis is the most comprehensive international listing of library web servers that I know of.

For example, if you wanted to find a listing of John Steinbeck's works into Swedish, you might...

  1. Go to Libweb.
  2. Look at the Europe part of Libweb's home page and click on Scandinavia.
  3. Choose National Library of Sweden from the list. (Unless the library website has an English language interface, at this point, you may need to use Google Translate in order to navigate and search.)
  4. Find and search the catalog. If it provides an option for limiting by language, limit to the native language, Swedish in this example.

Encyclopedias about Translation