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ML 3270J: Translation as Writing

Foreign Language Dictionaries

Here are call number ranges for dictionaries for languages commonly studied at Ohio University.

For most of these languages, look first in the Reference Collection in the Learning Commons (2nd floor of Alden). These dictionaries must be used in the Library. In many cases we will have other dictionaries on the 7th floor which you can check out.

Most dictionaries for Indonesian and Malay and other Southeast Asian languages are in the Center for International Collections on the 1st floor.

For collections of online language dictionaries, see:

Arabic PJ6640
Chinese PL1420 - 1455
French PC2625 - 2640
German PF3625 - 3640
Greek, Classical PA445
Hebrew PJ4830 - 4833
Hindi PK1936
Indonesian PL5077
Italian PC1625 - 1640
Japanese PL675 - 679
Korean PL937
Latin PA2365
Malay PL5123
Portuguese PC5327 - 5333
Russian PG2625 - 2640
Spanish PC4625 - 4640

Finding Word Books in ALICE

ALICE (and other library catalogs) use predefined words and phrases, called Subject Terms or Subject Headings, to describe the contents of non-fiction books. These are kind of like tags that are often used in social media. They are an attempt to impose a certain amount of order to the process of locating books on your topic.

  • The examples below use Spanish; by all means substitute the name(s) of the language(s) you're working with in place of Spanish.
  • The sample links below go to ALICE; be sure to continue searching in OhioLINK if you need more.