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Film and Media Resources


justwatch for our streaming services - sort of

black and red and white logo for films on demand logo for Swank Digital Campous, blue background, white letters logo for Kanopy Streaming, collage background, kanopy in white letters logo for Docuseek, black background, blue lettering logo for Academic Video Online (AVON), with colorful picture of various movie titles. logo for Drama Online, black background, lettering in white and orange.

Content is stable

HBO, PBS, California Newsreel

interdisciplinary content

Faculty requests

Yearly licenses with renewals.

mostly requested for Feature Films for class.  

Faculty Requests

Licenses avail for 1-3-5 years.  

Some content is in perpetuity.

Criterion Collection, Award winners

Also available at Public Library

Content is stable


Focus on

Environment, Sociology, African American Studies

Many well-regarded distributors provide the films.  

Content is stable

AVON hosts our My Institution collection.

Films we purchased in perpetuity.  

Interdisciplinary content.

Ro*co, Film Platform, Sony Pics

Content is stable

Theater performances

National Theater Live NTL

Royal Shakespeare, Globe Onscreen 

All content is open to all faculty, staff, and students of Ohio University (all campuses).
Swank and Kanopy content must be requested by the instructor of record or requested by a graduate for research.
Films on Demand (FOD) and AVON provide an enormous amount of content; worth checking out.  
Most platforms provide the ability to make clips, embed, and share.