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Consumer Research & Marketing

Tips and tools to understand consumer, customers, and marketing

Consumer Profiles & Demographics

 Use the resources below to find market research reports, data, demographics, psychographics, and statistics about consumers and customers.

  • Search Mintel for your product category, brand, or age group etc. to find market research reports
  • These reports will describe consumer motivations, customer demographics, market trends, and more.

Use Simmons to find:

  • national-level demographic profiles of consumers.
  • consumer attitudes and demographics of consumers of specific brands.

Note:  For a basic demographic profile, use the Quick Reports found under "Essentials".

Simmons Tips & Tricks

Use my Simmons Insights Tips & Tricks guide for step-by-step directions to

  • While Passport does not have demographics of Mintel and Simmons, it is quite useful in understanding consumer trends in an industry. 
  • Use the keyword search box, or use the Industries tab to browse by industry
  • Passport is excellent for both U.S. and international consumer industries and markets