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Simmons Insights Tips & Tricks

How to use Simmons Insights to understand consumer demographics and create profiles of target customers

Video Tutorial : How to create a demographic profile

Learn how to create a demographic profile for your target consumer in Simmons Insights. For product categories, brands, consumer interests, or activities, use Simmons to get valuable insight into consumer demographics.

Step-by-Step: Create a demographic profile of your target consumer in Simmons Insights

Simmons can be used to find demographic information for consumers of specific products or for people who engage ina a particular activity.  Use the steps below to find a basic demographic profile of your target consumer. 



When you first access Simmons, click "Proceed" to log in. 

Click "Proceed" to Log In


Choose Quick Reports

On the next screen, choose "Quick Reports" as found under the "Essentials menu."

Choose "Quick Reports" under the "Essentials" tab


Search for a product on brand

Use the "Smart" search menu to search for a product, activity, or brand.

  1. Enter Search Terms
  2. Narrow by Category
  3. Select a Variable

Use the Smart Search to search for a variable, then filter by category.



Choose "Target"

Once you have a variable selected, choose "Target" 

Use the button to add to Target


Select "Demographic Profile" then "Run Analysis"

  1. Select the "Demographic Profile" button
  2. Then click the arrow to "Run Analysis."

Select "Demographic Profile" then "Run Analysis"



View or Export the Demographic Data

The data can be exported to an Excel file, or you may take a screenshot of the data to save an image. 

A screenshot of a demographic profile, which can be exported into Excel


Excel data provides additional information

You can use the Excel file to drill down further into the demographic groups.

Data can be exported to Excel, which contains multiple data tabs for further exploration.