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Simmons Insights Tips & Tricks

How to use Simmons Insights to understand consumer demographics and create profiles of target customers

Specific Simmons Use Cases

This page is a collection of videos and tips of specific use cases for Simmons.  I often make specific videos for student projects and post those videos on those individual guides.  This page is a collection of those videos and tips with links back to the original guide pages. 


Find Movie Theater Customer Demographics in Simmons

This video demonstrates how to create a demographic profile of movie theater customer in Simmons Insights


Demographic Profile of Healthy/Natural/Organic Foods Consumers

The video below is used on the Consumers & Customers page of my Organic & Better-for-You Industry Guide

This video demonstrates how to create a Simmons Insights Demographic Profile for organic food or better-for-you food consumers. In this example, we look at consumers who drink a vegetable juice brand the most.