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Organic and Better-for-You Food Industry Guide

Tips and tools for finding industry, consumer, and market information

Consumer & Customer Information

To understand the customers and consumers within the industry, you will want to consult market research reports, data, and statistics found in the resources below.  

These resources can help you understand who buys which products, how much or frequently they buy them, why they buy them, what brands they prefer,  and more. 

  • Search Mintel for "organic,"  "better for you," or  "natural" to find market research reports for the natural and organic foods shopper and products.
  • These reports will describe consumer motivations, customer demographics, market trends, and more.
  • Use Simmons to find national-level demographic profiles of people who shop at specific stores or use certain brands of food.
  • Can also be used to find consumer attitudes about shopping and purchasing

This video demonstrates how to create a Simmons Insights Demographic Profile for organic food or better-for-you food consumers. In this example, we look at consumers who drink a vegetable juice brand the most.
  • The industry reports in Passport also contain some consumer insights.
  • Suggested reports to search for include:
    • Better for You Beverages in [insert country]
    • Better for You Packaged Food in [insert country]
    • Naturally Healthy Beverages in [insert country]
    • Organic Beverages in [insert country]
  • WARC is a great place to look for case studies about advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Simply search for a product, your company, or similar company to find case studies about what worked and what did not.