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Organic and Better-for-You Food Industry Guide

Tips and tools for finding industry, consumer, and market information

The organic and better-for-you food products are a subset of the larger food manufacturing industry.  This page contains resources to research the much broader packaged food manufacturing industry, as well as the more narrow organic and better-for-you products industry sector.

Make sure you use multiple sources to get the most well-rounded view of the industry as possible. 

Broad Food Manufacturing Industry Information

  • IbisWorld is a great place to find reports to get a broad understanding of the packaged food industry. 

  • IbisWorld will have reports for "organic food stores," but not about specific products.  As such, your best bet may be to look a general food manufacturing reports (such as juice, soda,  etc.)

  • Also note that while there may not be a report for "jelly manufacturing," a report such as "Vegetable and Fruit Processing" would be very relevant. 


  • The industry reports in First Research compliment IbisWorld for a general understanding of the industry

  • First Research will have broad reports for Food Manufacturing, and also more narrow reports such as Snack Foods, Bakery Products, etc.  


Organic & Better-for-You Industry Sector Information

The resources below, while also having information about the larger packaged food industry, are ideal for finding information about the smaller organic food and better-for-you sector.  Suggested search terms are included with each tool below.  

  • Passport contains reports for the USA and for international markets  and is great for global coverage of the industry
  • Suggested reports to search for include:
    • Better for You Beverages in [insert country]
    • Better for You Packaged Food in [insert country]
    • Naturally Healthy Beverages in [insert country]
    • Organic Beverages in [insert country]


To find a huge number of reports on the topic, from the Passport home page:

  1. Look for the Search Analysis box
  2. Select Industries
  3. Select "Health and Wellness"
  4. Choose Country
  5. Click "Go"

screenshot of Passport database demonstrating the steps described above

  • Use Statista to find statistics on companies, consumers, or the market size of the industry.
  • Search by company name or by industry topic.
  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications, articles and reports about  organic products, natural foods, or food retail.
  • Trade publications are especially useful as they give you an insider's look into the industry.  Specific trade publications include:

These publications and more can be found by searching for articles in Business Source Complete.   Limit to "trade publications" to find these  publications and others like them. 


Below are a few trade sites and organizations that provide useful information grocery stores  industry.  I will add to the list as I discover additional useful links. Note that these links goe to the free websites.  We do not subscribe so some reports may be behind a paywall.