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Simmons Insights Tips & Tricks

How to use Simmons Insights to understand consumer demographics and create profiles of target customers

Video Tutorial : How to create a cross tab

Learn how to create cross tabs in Simmons Insights. Cross tabbing in Simmons allows you to create custom consumer profiles and data reports. For product categories, brands, consumer interests, or activities, use Simmons to get valuable insight into consumer demographics.

Step-by-step: How to Create a Cross Tab

Enter Search Terms

Simmons has a "smart search" feature.  Just start by typing keywords to search for a variable. 

enter search terms in the Simmons Search box


Create Rows or Columns

Add variables to either columns or rows by clicking the appropriate button. Your choice of whether you use columns or rows is up to you, as you are creating your own table.  

add variable in Simmons to a column or rows


Add more variables

Repeat the steps above to continue adding as many variables as you need to the columns.  

Continue adding variables to columns in Simmons as needed.


Create Rows

In order to create a cross tab, you have to create rows to compare with the data in your columns.  Search for variables, then add to Rows using the Rows button.

Add variables to rows in Simmons Insights


Run the Cross Tab

Click the "Run" arrow to run the Cross Tab analysis.

Click the Run button to run the Cross Tab in Simmons Insights


View your cross tab

The default "Private Eye" view is rather clunky to use.  In my opinion, the Cross Tab view is much easier to read.  

Click to change to Cross Tab view in Simmons

Export your work

The cross tabs you create can be exported to either an .XLS or .CSV for you to view and manipulate in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet application.

You can also save your cross tab as a .SPC file.  If you return to Simmons at a later time, you can upload the .SPC file to continue where you left off.

Click to export data in Simmons Insights

How to read a Simmons Cross Tab

Reading the Vertical Percent

For reading the vertical percent in a cross tab, we read from top (1),  down to the vertical percent( 2), then left to the comparable variable in the row (3). In this example we would read this as follows:

  1.  Of those people in the survey who said they were very interested in NFL football,
  2. 7.8 percent of them
  3.  Eat at Cracker Barrel the most.  

In other words, 7.8 percent of people surveyed who are very interested in NFL football said that they eat at Cracker Barrel the most. 


Directions on how to read a Simmons Cross Tab as described above


Reading the Horizontal Percent

For reading the horizontal percent in a cross tab, we read from left, across to the horizontal percent, then up to the comparable variable in the row. In this example we would read this as follows:

  1.  Of those people in the survey who said they eat at Bob Evans the most,
  2. 17.9 percent of them
  3. Are very intested in Major League Baseball

In other words, 17.9 percent of people surveyed who said they eat at Bob Evans the most are also very interested in Major League Baseball.

How to read a horizontal percent in a Simmons Cross tab as described above