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Consumer Research & Marketing

Tips and tools to understand consumer, customers, and marketing

Use the resources on this page to learn identify companies in the industry, or to analyze peers and competitors in the industry. 

Visit my Company Research Guide for more in-depth company research tips. 

Identify Companies & Competitors in the Industry

  • Search D&B Hoover's for companies within the industry
  • Use the company news, SWOT Analysis, Analysis Reports, and Peer Analysis to understand the companies within the industry

Gather Local Company Information

Gathering information about companies in your local market can be challenging, as you are often dealing with small private companies or subsidiaries of larger companeis.  Use the resources below to find out information about companies in your local market.  For more resources, check out my Private Companies research page

  • Use Mergent Intellect to identify and locate potential competitors in your industry. 
  • Is there room in the market for your new business?
  • How are the other companies doing?  (look at estimated sales)
  • In addition to understanding the industry's health in your region, you can use the "Industry Market Report" in Bizminer to generate a list of competitors.