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Recommended research resources for students and researchers in Journalism

Finding Magazine Articles

The following databases are good sources for finding current articles in popular & trade magazines (approx. 1970s-present). 

Do you need to find recent magazine articles?

Do you need to find older magazine articles?

*Article citations only ; use information from the citation to locate the article full text separately in either print or microfilm format.

Do you need articles from a specific magazine?

When you need to find articles from a specific magazine, your best bet is to use the periodical title search in ALICE. This will tell you whether we have a subscription and where it is located. Subscriptions are sometimes online, but they may also be paper volumes or on microfilm. For some magazines, where you access the magazine may depend on the date that you need.

For example, The Atlantic is available online from 1993 to present from several different library databases. Volumes of The Atlantic from 1981-1993 are on microfilm and older editions are in paper.

If you can't find an article you need, please ask. We can usually either help you find it or place a request through our Document Express service.


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