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Recommended research resources for students and researchers in Journalism

ALICE Catalog

ALICE lists the books, videos, magazines, journals and other materials owned or subscribed to by the Ohio University Libraries.

When you find an item you want in ALICE, look for a call number. This will tell you where to find the book in the building.

ALICE includes items that are not located in Alden Library. Other possible locations include the Music & Dance Library, the Annex (off campus storage), and regional campus libraries. If you need an item from another library, look for the Intercampus and Annex request button. You'll use your OHIO ID and password to request that the book be sent to Alden Library.

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Search tip:

Databases like ALICE use subject headings to organize materials. These link together books on similar topics. Once you know the subject heading -- which is located near the bottom of the page for a particular book -- you can find other books on the same topic. Here are some subject headings which may be useful for Journalism students and researchers.


OhioLINK Catalog

If you can't get a book you need from the Ohio University Libraries, check OhioLINK. In OhioLINK you can get access to books in libraries across the state. Books are delivered within 3-5 business days. More about getting books from OhioLINK.

If you're using ALICE, you can always click on the Search OhioLINK button to go there. To do a search right now, you can use the link below:

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