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Recommended research resources for students and researchers in Journalism

Research Before Your Job Interview

Learn more about the organization

It should go without saying that you should do some research on the organization for which you are interviewing. It's a good start to review their web pages, social media posts and recent news. Here are some steps beyond that using specialized library-licensed research tools. 

Know Your Industry and What's Happening in It

In addition to have a strong grasp of on how the organization works, you'll also want to do some background research on the industry news and recent developments, especially if you are interviewing to do communication-related work in an industry you've not previously worked with. 

Industry and Professional Organizations and Reference Sources 

Most industries and professions have organizations that advocate and provide resources for their members. If you're not already familiar with these organizations, it may be a good time to check them out. The organizations can give you an idea of what issues the profession or industry is concerned about in terms of public policy and legal advocacy. 

This may also be a good way to find information if you're going into a new industry to do communication-related work. Wikipedia offers a list of industry trade groups in the United States that may be a good starting point. 

Know Your New Territory

Would your new position take you to a new city or state? These tools can help give you an idea of the cost of living and other vital information for deciding whether the new location would be a good fit for you. 

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