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Recommended research resources for students and researchers in Journalism

Company Information

The following databases will allow you to look up information about media companies, such as a profile of the company, subsidiaries, target audiences, competition, and more.

Search for the name of the media company you are interested in, such as Sony, Viacom, etc.  If you cannot find your company in one of these databases, try another one because they all contain different sets of companies.

Business Librarian Chad Boeninger has an excellent resource guide with more information on library resources useful for researching a single company.

Industry Information

The following databases are for searching for information on the media industry in general.

To search these databases, you often need to know the North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code for your company.  This can be usually found in the description for your company that you found in the company databases above. Look for the "NAICS" code, which will be a number listed on a company profile page.

For example, this Mergent profile for the China Media Group shows that the NAICS code is 541870 for Advertising Material Distribution Services.


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