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Researching the Ancient Greco-Roman World


logo for rogue classicism siteRogueclassicism is a very useful collection of posts from a wide range of Classics blogs; compiled by David Meadows.

Below is an RSS feed of headlines for the most recent 10 postings.

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Current News in Ancient Languages

Logo for akropolis world newsAkropolis World News

A summary of the latest world news in Ancient Greek, compiled by Juan Coderch, Senior Language Tutor in Greek and Latin at the University of St Andrews (UK). He also provides a brief word list he uses for modern things and ideas which did not exist in the First Millennium BCE.

logo for Radio FinlandNuntii Latini (from Radio Finland)

A weekly news summary, with audio files, of world news in Latin.


Logo for Radio BremenNuntii Latini (from Radio Bremen)

More world news in Latin; recent stories listed are in the RSS feed, below. The website (link above) contains both weekly and monthly news summaries. Some stories have an audio link.

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