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Oratory of Classical Greece

Bust of DemosthenesThe Oratory of Classical Greece series contains more than 150 speeches, translated into English, which survive from the late 5th and 4th centuries BC. Written mainly for the Athenian courts and assembly, they address political issues, financial and inheritance disputes, petty quarrels, homicide, and more. The links below go to the ALICE records for each title.

  1. Gagarin and MacDowell, Antiphon and Andocides
  2. Todd, Lysias
  3. Carey, Aeschines
  4. Mirhady and Too, Isocrates I
  5. Worthington et al., Dinarchus, Hyperides, and Lycurgus
  6. Bers, Demosthenes, Speeches 50-59
  7. Papillon, Isocrates II
  8. MacDowell, Demosthenes, Speeches 27-38
  9. Yunis, Demosthenes, Speeches 18 and 19
  10. Worthington, Demosthenes, Speeches 60 and 61, Prologues, Letters
  11. Edwards, Isaeus
  12. Harris, Demosthenes, Speeches 20-22
  13. Scafuro, Demosthenes, Speeches 39-49
  14. Trevett, Demosthenes, Speeches 1-17
  15. Demosthenes, Speeches 23-26 (forthcoming)
  16. Gagarin, Speeches from Athenian Law