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Researching the Ancient Greco-Roman World

Starting Points

Image Databases

ARTstor logoListed below are a few sources for finding images relating to ancient art and archaeology. Of these, ARTstor is the major one. We strongly recommend that you set up a free account in ARTstor as a place to save and organize the images you find there. Additional links for Greek art and archaeology are located in the course guide for CLAR 2210: Greek Archaeology [forthcoming.]

Online encyclopedia

cover of Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture.Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture.

An online encyclopedia which contains over 1,000 entries tracing the development of the art forms in classical civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome.

For more resources on art and art history, see the Subject Guide on Art, Art History & Interdisciplinary Arts.

Call number ranges for books

In addition to the call number ranges for Classics in general, these sections of the Fine Arts Library on the 3rd floor of Alden deal with ancient art and archaeology:

Call Number Range Subject
NA 210-NA 340 Architecture
NB 69 - NB 169 Sculpture
NC 55 - NC65 Drawing
ND 70 - ND 130 Painting








You will also find archaeological site reports in the DF (Greek) and DG (Roman) call number areas, mostly in the Fine Arts Library, although it is worth looking on the 6th floor, too.

For a much more detailed outline of call number ranges for archaeology see