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Industry Research

Tips for finding industry analysis, industry financial ratios, market research, industry news for industry research.

Market research reports are an excellent source for industry information. Market research reports will often cover more narrow industries than the more broad industry overview resources. In many cases, market research reports are regularly updated.

Tools for Market Research & Reports

  • Passport is great for market research reports for international consumer markets.
  • Browse by the industries or use the search box
  • Passport is very useful for consumer product industries


  • Search Mintel for consumer demand, trends and demographics for specific product categories. Examples:  candles, footwear, handbags, wearables, etc. 
  • Make sure to look at the market drivers and market size and trends sections of the Mintel reports. 


  • Use Simmons to find national-level demographics of people who purchase a particular product or engage in a particular activity. 
  • Also use to find the projected number of people who like to go camping on vacation, engage in other outdoor activities, purchased razor blades or shampoo, bought a TV, etc.  in the U.S. 

Check out my guide for Tips & Tricks on Using Simmons.