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SimplyAnalytics Tips & Tricks

How to use SimplyAnalytics to a analyze local market potential and demand

a map created in SimplyAnalyticsSimplyAnalytics is a wonderful source you can use to gather data about specific locations.  Use SimplyAnalytics to:

  • Analyze Census data at the city, state, zip code, or block group level
  • Use consumer data and demographics to understand consumer demand by location
  • Identify locations to open your business
  • Locate competitors in your local market
  • Create charts, maps, and tables with data. 

While it is a powerful tool, SimplyAnalytics can be challenging if you've never used it before.  This guide will make you an expert.

Note: This guide is still in development.  See the "Guide Improvements Coming" below for what's next for the guide. 


Guide Improvements Coming

It takes a lot of time to put a guide like this together.  Rather than take weeks to develop a fully completed guide, I wanted to get content out as soon as possible for you to use.

Here's what I have planned for the guide:

  • Youtube Videos have appropriate links to relevant videos
  • Pages with "Step-by-Step": instructions need screenshots for the instructions to compliment the video tutorials
  • New pages currently in the works
    • How to create a ring study
    • How to use related data
    • Create a custom radius location