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Industry Research

Tips for finding industry analysis, industry financial ratios, market research, industry news for industry research.

Trade Publications

Trade Publications are a great source for industry information, as they are published by and for people in a particular industry.

  • For example, if you needed to know the top-ten refrigerated trucking companies in the U.S., the place to look would be in a trade publication called Refrigerated Transporter.
  • Trade publications are in a number of databases, but the best place to find them is in Business Source Complete

Industry and Trade Associations

Industry and trade associations are very similar to trade publications, as they contain information from groups and individuals who are part of the industry.

  • You might find trade or industry associations by doing a simple Google search.
  • For example, if your industry is the swimming pool building industry, you might Google "pool building association".
  • Often these association sites have a blog, publications, or other statistics that can be very useful in understanding the industry. 

Other Industry News

The popular press, including newspapers and magazines, often offers very recent coverage of an industry. While not as comprehensive as trade publications, news articles can be a good way to find information on your topic, particularly for those smaller niche industries. For Business and Industry news, try Factiva or Nexis Uni.