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Theater Research

all things theater, drama, performing arts

Theater Research Guide - welcome

Welcome to the research guide for theater

Use this guide to begin your research in the area of theater history, production, performances, finding plays and more. On the left, you will find links to pages to help you locate books, articles, websites, and images. These resources have been selected to help you find the best materials to begin your research quickly and easily. Because theater research is so broad and interdisciplinary, though, this guide is by no means the end-all, be-all for your research practice. 

For expert advice and guidance, appointments are available in person and online via Microsoft Teams. 


General Background Information - Bios, Encyclopedias, Misc.

These resources are all FULL TEXT, and great places to start your research.  NOTE:  Encyclopedias and biographies are great ways to get started, but not considered as Scholarly or Academic sources.