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Sports Administration & Sport Management

Resources for sports administration, sport business, and athletic administration

Almost any business database can be used for sports industry information.  This page lists databases that specifically cover sport, but I encourage you to use other industry databasesmarketing databases, and article databases for your research. 

Check out the  Industry & Market Research Basics Tutorial to learn how to use the general industry and market research databases.  The 60-minute tutorial will give you a foundation in using library databases to conduct industry and consumer market research, which will be useful for sports industry and sports marketing projects. 

Tools for broad industry research

  • Use IbisWorld to search for “sports franchises” to get a general overview of the industry in the U.S.
  • IbisWorld is also a great resource to get a broad understanding of other large industries, such as the casual dining industry in the U.S.


  • First Research provides quick and easy to understand industry analyses
  •  Search for “professional sports” to find a very useful report.
  • Similarly, First Research will have reports that cover the broad industry of your potential sponsor.
  • Statista is a great place to look for a variety of sports statistics, covering revenues, attendance, participation, expenses, and more.
  • Statista may also have statistics on the industry of your sponsor, as well as statistics about the company and competitors.
  • Passport has some useful information in a report called “Sporting and Recreational Services" for several major international markets.   You can find this report by searching for the title in the Passport search box.
  • Also use Passport to understand consumer industries in countries around the world, including the USA.  Use this data to better understand your sponsor's industry.