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Personal Fitness Industry Guide

Key resources for researching and understanding the personal fitness industry

Consumers & Customers

 Use the resources below to find market research reports, data, demographics, psychographics, and statistics about consumers and customers in the personal fitness industry. 

  • Search Mintel for "health and fitness clubs," "wellness," "healthy lifestyles," "exercise trends," "weight" etc. to find market research reports
  • These reports will describe consumer motivations, customer demographics, market trends, and more.
  • You can also use Mintel to find reports about specific demographic groups such as Boomers, Millennials, etc. 

Use Simmons to find:

  • national-level demographic profiles of fitness consumers.
  • consumer attitudes about fitness, health, and wellness.
  • demographics of consumers of specific fitness brands.

Note:  For a basic demographic profile, use the Quick Reports found under "Essentials"  as shown is this video.

Tips to find Fitness & Health Information in Simmons


A screenshot demonstrating the Dictionary Search described above

Use WARC to find articles, case studies and reports that discuss how companies are marketing to fitness consumers.  

  • Suggested search terms to start include "Peloton," "Fitbit," "fitness," wellness" etc. 

Suggested searches include:

  • Wearable electronics in [insert country]
  • Sports nutrition in [insert country]