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A list of popular business & economics databases by topic

Mergent Intellect

How to identify companies and competitors by location using Mergent Intellect

If you are looking to open a company in a particular location, you will want to identify competitors, as well as nearby companies and peers, in your location. If you are opening a retail establishment, you’ll likely want to identify what other retail venues are nearby so that you can get a share of the retail traffic. This video demonstrates how to identify companies by industry in a specific location using Mergent Intellect.

How to find new companies – by location, industry and size – with Mergent Intellect

I recently had a researcher looking to make a list of small companies with 7 or less years of operation, less than 75 employees, that are located in specific Ohio counties, that operate in specific industries. This video shows you how to find that information using Mergent Intellect.