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AAS 2540 African American Studies

to accompany Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries African American Studies class 2450 on the History of Injustice. Specific focus on the final assignment.

Primary Sources - how to define

Two Ways to Find Primary Sources in the ALICE Catalog

example of primary source

The principle remains, however: the closer a source is to the original events, the more it can be considered a Primary Source.

1. Subject Searching

The links below will use ALICE's Subject Search to locate primary source materials in general, as well as secondary sources about primary sources.


  • This is not a comprehensive list. The results screens of the searches above will show "Related Subjects," which may be worth exploring, too.
  • Some of these terms may be worth trying in Method #2, below.
  • Be sure to Search OhioLINK to find more items.


2. Advanced Keyword Searching

This method allows you to search for primary source materials that relate to any topic of your choosing. It involves setting up a Keyword Search in ALICE as shown in the screenshot below. This example uses the phrase "personal narratives." You can choose any of the terms in the list below to replace it.

case studies
documentary photography
early works to 1800*
personal narratives

*Can be used to find reprints of older material that limiting by publication date might not find.