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AAS 2540 African American Studies

to accompany Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries African American Studies class 2450 on the History of Injustice. Specific focus on the final assignment.

Major Newspapers- Current and Historical

What role did media play?  Discuss and show media depictions of case i.e. How was the case covered in the media (media bias)?  Look at commentary, headlines, images etc (use may do this using separate slides for each case).  

new york times article from 1977 on Bakke case

Weaver, Warren Jr. (October 13, 1977). Justices hear bakke arguments but give little hint on decision.  New York Times.Retrieved from

Newspapers - Mainstream and Local

Newspaper article databases (non-mainstream)

The following Newspaper Article Databases compile many newspapers into one place.  It's a great way to get the perspective of a particular state, region, as well as gathering a lot of information from many sources.

  • Americas Newspapers - use this database if you TIMELINE is post-1995.
    • Narrow by State
    • Narrow by Year
  • Lexis (Nexis Uni) - use this database if your TIMELINE is post-1980


Historical Newspapers