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Retail and Fashion Merchandising: RFM

A Subject Guide for the RFM Major in the school of Human and Consumer Sciences Education in the Patton College of Education
Words, Words, Words: Articles Plus Searching

As usual, we'd start with Articles Plus for any cross-disciplinary topic like this one.  

But the terms being used to describe "sustainable fashion" are still in flux.   Here are some I've come across. 

fashionable woman in wrap skirt and floppy hat stands on a rocky beach.
  • eco-design
  • corporate social responsibility / CR
  • ecofashion / eco fashion
  • eco-friendly
  • ecological impact / ecolog*
  • environmental aspects / environment*
  • green products
  • globalization
  • moral and ethical aspects / ethic* 
  •  recycled products / recycl*
  • social aspects
  • sustainable design / sustainabl*
  • slow fashion

You would AND one or more of these terms to the fashion subtopic that interests you, for example;