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Retail and Fashion Merchandising: RFM

A Subject Guide for the RFM Major in the school of Human and Consumer Sciences Education in the Patton College of Education

Important Trade Mags and Journals

a row of men's leather lace-up shoes.

Fashion "magazines" exist in several forms at once:  

  1.  The mag's webpage. Usually offering both more and less than the print. Do you have to subscribe to read the articles? Do you have to "create an account" (= sell your personal info) for access? Is there more content here than ads? 
  2.  The mag in paper. Find out where it is in Alden by searching ALICE by "periodical title"
  3. The mag's articles in a database, often including full text, but not the pictures. Lets you find an article w/out leafing through old issues, and search across many magazines at once. Start in Articles Plus.