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Retail and Fashion Merchandising: RFM

A Subject Guide for the RFM Major in the school of Human and Consumer Sciences Education in the Patton College of Education

Books: Where Do I Find Them?

Topic Call Numbers Location(s)
Human Beauty, Dress, Costume, Fashion, Costume History GT 495- GT2370
NK 4700- NK4890
6th floor
3rd floor
Textile Trade, Fashion Industry HD 9850- HD 9970.5 6th floor
Retailing HF 5423 –  HF 5437 6th floor
Specific department stores, History HF 5465 6th floor
Retail display HF 5845 6th floor
Textile Design, Fibers, Needlework   NK 8800 – NK 9595.5 3rd floor  
Theatrical costume PN 2067 7th floor
Textile Dyeing TP 893- TP 897 7th floor
Fashion Photography TR 679 3rd floor
Textile Manufacture and Industry TS 1300- TS1869 7th floor
Clothing Trade, Tailoring, Designers TT 490- TT 675 7th floor
Needle Crafts TT 679- TT 855 7th floor

Note: for every call number, more items might be shelved in Reference (2nd floor), Reserves (4th floor), or Oversize Shelves (3rd, 6th, 7th  floors)

Some Subject Headings

You just can't think of everything!  when searching in ALICE or other databases, you might find more books and journals if you include some of these Synonyms / Subject Headings / phrases in your search:

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