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JOUR 3400: Strategic Communication Theory and Research

Resources to build consumer profiles

Using Simply Map

SimplyMap tips:

  1. Our current subscription allows 5 people to be using SimplyMap at a time. If you would like to save your work to access in the future, you should create an account with SimplyMap. Otherwise you can can do work here as a guest.
  2. SimplyMap reports require you to choose a variable and location. You can map the variables by state, county, zip code or census tract. Or, you can create a table comparing the data across a set of locations. In this video, Business Librarian Chad Boeninger demonstrates how to create a report in SimplyMap. The video is focused on identifying consumers who shop at Target and other department stores, but the same strategy would apply to any category of consumer behavior.
  3. You can also rank locations by a particular variable, to tell you, for example, in which states the household average for food spending is highest or lowest.
  4. Once you have a report, use the Actions menu to share or download the data in a format for further analysis or display in a report. The image blow shows average household spending mapped by state.


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