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JOUR 3400: Strategic Communication Theory and Research

Resources to build consumer profiles

Research Articles

Given that relevant research for your topics could come from a wide variety of disciplines, I recommend that you search for research articles in Articles Plus. Articles Plus pulls in research articles from many different scholarly areas. Using the advanced search will let you develop a sophisticated search strategy. 

Search Tips:

  1. After you have completed your search, click the limiting option on the right side to limit to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals"
  2. If you need more recent articles, you can limit the Publication Date to whatever makes sense using the sliding date limiters on the right side of the results list. 
  3. The words Full Text indicate that you can read the entire article at that link. If you don't see the phrase "Full Text," look for the "Find It! with Linksource" link, which will tell you whether the libraries have a subscription to that article in another database.



Subjects: Journalism