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Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics

This guide points out some of our many resources that are relevant to the field. As well as great tutorials and tips for searching, citing, finding, and evaluating information and resources.

Introduction to OHIO Libraries Special Collections

The Ohio University Archives & Special Collections is made up of books and archives. Archives are collections of documents, records, or manuscripts and can be found in the Mahn Center (fifth floor of Alden Library) and online through Digital Archives. The special collections are primarily made up of rare books and can be found in the Mahn Center (fifth floor of Alden Library). Before visiting the Mahn Center it is important to read the policies and procedures for visiting and viewing material.

 Included in the Digital Archives is a collection from the Athens Mental Health center which gives records from the Athens Lunatic Asylum, located at what is now known as the Ridges. This collection has patient records dating back to 1874 when the Asylum first opened. Below is an informative tutorial on how to access material from the Digital Collection, focusing on the Athens Asylum records, and how to use the information ethically. 

 For more information on Special Collections & Archives material check out the Special Collections guide and/or contact Miriam Intrator.


Ethics in Archival & Historical Research: Featuring the Athens Mental Health Center (AMHC) Collection

This tutorial will help you think through why we use sensitive materials in research, and how we can ensure that we are using them as ethically and thoughtfully as possible. Click here to begin the tutorial or the image below to open the tutorial in a new window.

image of ethics in archival and historical research tutorial - link to connect