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Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics

This guide points out some of our many resources that are relevant to the field. As well as great tutorials and tips for searching, citing, finding, and evaluating information and resources.

NUTR 4960/5960: Trends in Diabetes

This activity is designed to help you find and evaluate resources for your Diabetes Trends project. I will cover the following topics:

  1. Searching for credible, peer-reviewed materials on your topics
  2. Narrowing your topics
  3. Sharing evaluation tools for you to use

Below you will find a series of short videos and directions that will walk you through each of the topics listed above. Under the video series, you will have an activity that you will need to complete after viewing the videos. At the end of the activity, a certificate of completion will be produced for you to upload to Blackboard.

To view all of the required video units (1-3) and complete the activity should take around 30 minutes.

Video & Directions Series

This short video will give you a brief tour of the library's homepage.


This video will show you some of ArticlesPlus's features and how to get full-text; which is a similar process for all of the Libraries' databases.

Need an idea of a topic? Check these places:

Have a topic in-mind? Great!

Next you may need to think about narrowing that topic a bit. This may take some exploration. Some ways to narrow:

  • Geographical area: Appalachia, Ohio, Rural, etc.
  • Population: Children, Elderly, Refugees, etc.

Sometimes you will need to search your topic, even at it's broader stage, to see what the literature has to offer. Ideas will come!

Video on Casually Narrowing Your Topic

In this super-short video I demonstrate ways to casually narrows a health topic by perusing the existing literature in ArticlesPlus. Topic: gestational diabetes.

Search a Library Database:

Use These Searching Tips:

  1. No full sentences, ever, even with Google
  2. Intentionally choose the words you use to search
  3. Include some synonyms to those words
  4. Utilize proper search strategy (AND/OR/*)

Video on Searching an Example Topic, Strategically

The video below will demonstrate how to search using one of the databases and search tips listed above for this example topic: Which type of diet is best for adults with type 2 diabetes: low-carbohydrate or low-fat?

This video discusses resource credibility and how to evaluate different resources.

Topics include: peer-review vs. scholarly, how to evaluate resources, and I will be introducing a tool I created to help quickly evaluate journal articles.

<--- All of the resources/tools utilized are available on the Evaluating Resources tab on this guide.

Activity: Complete for Class Credit