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Interactive, graded tutorial and other tips on avoiding plagiarism

OHIO Libraries: Interactive Plagiarism Tutorial

First slide of the interactive plagiaism tutorial. Please click to enter tutorial

Click anywhere on image above to enter the Plagiarism Tutorial. Direct URL to the tutorial:

May 7, 2021 - The Libraries have updated the Plagiarism Tutorial! It features a new, fresh look and new quiz questions. The certificate of completion got an upgrade too! Special thanks to Kate Kingery, Heaven Koppelkom, and Joey Walden for their amazing work.

Certificate of Completion PDF

For the Certificate of Completion, you will need to enter your name, complete the tutorial, and complete all of the questions. The certificate will be at the end of the tutorial with your name on it and you will have the ability to print or save it as a PDF.

When you have completed the tutorial above you will also have the option to send your results to your email if you completed the quizzes throughout the tutorial.