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Interactive, graded tutorial and other tips on avoiding plagiarism

Paraphrasing Examples

Paraphrasing, what does a good and bad paraphrase look like?

Quote: “Panting is normally associated with thermo-regulation in dogs, but appeared to be rarer in the dogs trained in the warmer spring collection period” ( Cooper, 2014, p. 10).

Good Paraphrase:

There was a contradiction in Cooper’s study from 2014. When they collected their samples, the dogs that participated in the warmer months panted less than those throughout the rest of the collection, although we would assume that the opposite would be true because the warmer the weather, the more the dogs should pant, in theory. (Cooper, 2014).

Bad Paraphrase:

Panting is ordinarily connected with thermo-regulation in canines, but appeared to be infrequent in the canines taught in the warmer spring gathering period.

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