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Diabetes Research

This guide is geared toward the osteopathic medical students, residents, clinical faculty, and others who are interested in researching diabetes and other endocrine diseases.

News Feeds (also called RSS Feeds) Explained Briefly

Icon for RSS feedsRSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and represents the standard way of "subscribing" to various information sources on the web. You will often see the icon pictured here, or something similar, at sites which it is possible to subscribe to.

The main reason to subscribe to news feeds is to save time. If you find yourself going to multiple news sites or have a number of blogs you like to read, adding their feeds to an aggregator (sometimes called a news reader) allows you to scan for new content on one page instead of going to each page individually. For more information and lists of aggregators, see these entries in Wikipedia: News aggregator and Comparison of feed aggregators.

If you only have a few pages you keep up with on a daily basis, it's probably easiest to just go to each individual page directly. But, if you like to hit a current news page, a sports page, a financial page, and a couple of blogs, or if you like to get your current news from several sources, a feed aggregator can come in handy.

The News pages  in this Guide contain RSS feeds from various news and information sources.