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Diabetes Research

This guide is geared toward the osteopathic medical students, residents, clinical faculty, and others who are interested in researching diabetes and other endocrine diseases.

Book Reviews

BookshelfA Book Review is simply a specialized kind of article that can appear in almost any magazine, journal, or newspaper—or online—and describes and evaluates a book. For this reason, most article databases in almost any subject area can be used to locate book reviews.

  • Most book reviews appear within a year or two of the original publication date of the book being reviewed. In other words, if you want to find reviews of To Kill a Mockingbird, which was published in 1960, it would be best to use sources that cover the early 1960s. Re-publication of important books are sometimes reviewed, also.
  • To find a review of a book, search for its author and title in a database; many databases will have a way to limit results to Reviews, which can sometimes reduce the amount of non-relevant results.
  • Book reviews can vary in length from a short paragraph to a lengthy essay.
  • If you need to find a scholarly book review, limit your search results to scholarly journals. Also, many academic disciplines have publications solely dedicated to providing scholarly reviews, e.g., PsycCritiques or Religious Studies Review.
  • Many books are never reviewed.

Book Review Publications

Indexes. Below are several publications, both online and print, which are solely dedicated to providing citations—not full text—for book reviews in many disciplines.

Major Book Review Publications. These will have full text of the reviews.

Finding Book Reviews in the ALICE Catalog

ALICE screen showing book jacketScreen showing links to summaries, book reviews, etc.Many records in the ALICE Catalog, especially for fairly recent books, will include images of the book jackets for those books; see example on the left.

Click on those images to find more information about the books, often including brief reviews; see example on the right. Clicking on the Reviews link will give you one or more generally brief, non-scholarly reviews of the book.