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Healthcare Industry and Market Research

Developed for Rebekah Crawford's Healthcare Marketing class, contains top tips for healthcare marketing and industry research.

Local Healthcare Market Analysis

What are the healthcare industry, demographic, and health trends in my local market?

After you research the consumer market for the healthcare industry, you will want to adapt that data down to the local level in which you plan to operate.  Your local market could be a city, zip code, state, or region.  The resources below can help you find information about your local market to combine with national consumer market trends.

  • SimplyAnalytics  contains a wealth of health and Census information. 
  • Use to find data by state, city, county, or zip code.
  • When you first launch the database, look for the "health" category to browse by popular health data.


  • Use Mergent Intellect to identify and locate hospitals and healthcare services in your local market. 
  • Use the Advance Search option, then choose "Industry" to browse by SIC code.  
  • Healthcare Services can be found under SIC code 8, and you can browse until you find specifically the type of service you are looking for. 
  • Mergent Intellect also contains demographics, including "Senior Population Facts."


  • Use Bizminer to understand the vitality of the healthcare sector in your region. 
  • Browse by broad industry, then find industry financial reports and industry market reports. 
  • The industry market reports are likely the most useful for most researchers. 


  • You will want to use census data to compare how your local market demographics align with the more general national demographics of a consumer market (like what you find in Simmons, Mintel, and Passport)
  • Use for a quick snapshot of demographic and economic characteristics of a region.