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Healthcare Industry and Market Research

Developed for Rebekah Crawford's Healthcare Marketing class, contains top tips for healthcare marketing and industry research.

Healthcare Consumer Information

Who are healthcare consumers and how can I understand them better?

After you get a good idea about the larger industry, you’ll want to research the consumers within the healthcare industry.  Market research reports, data, and statistics found in the resources below are an excellent place to start.

  • Using Mintel, simply type in "health" in the search box to find consumer market research reports on topics such as "seniors and health," "diabetes," "marketing health to men," and more. 


  • Use Passport to find the "Consumer Lifestyles in <insert country>, which contain health and lifestyle information
  • Passport also contains health data for countries all over the world.
  • Search for "future demographic" and <insert country> to find demographic projections to the year 2030.
  • Look at the Industries menu for "Health and Wellness" industry reports.


  • Use Simmons to find demographics for consumers of health products.
  • Also contains survey data for health attitudes and behaviors.


Check out my guide for Tips & Tricks on Using Simmons.