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Healthcare Industry and Market Research

Developed for Rebekah Crawford's Healthcare Marketing class, contains top tips for healthcare marketing and industry research.

Healthcare Industry Trends

What is the outlook and what are trends for the larger healthcare industry and market?  The resources below will help you understand the industry or industries in which you will operate. 

  • Search IbisWorld by keyword for doctor's offices, outpatient care, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc. to find current industry reports and analysis.



  • First Research is a nice compliment to IbisWorld and will also cover broad industries.
  • Contains several industry reports by type of doctor's office or medical service.  Just search by keyword.



  • Search Statista for healthcare and hospital statistics.  
  • If you find a good statistic, be sure to check out the "Source Link," which will often lead you to additional information.
  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications the healthcare or hospital industry.
  • Trade Publications can give you "insider" information into what's happening in an industry.