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Video Tutorials for Business & Economics Research

A repository of instructional video tutorials for business & economics research education.

How to gather local market data for your business concept with SimplyAnalytics

If you have a business idea that you are looking to pitch, you’ll want to understand the local market and consumers in the area. This video demonstrates how to find consumer demand for products and services, consumer demographics, and competitors in a prospective business location, using SimplyAnaltics.

How to find restaurant customers by brand and location in SimplyMap

Note that this video uses the slightly older SimplyMap interface, but is still useful in demonstrating how to navigate the databases.

This video demonstrates how to find customers of a specific restaurant brand by location. You can use this data to better understand where you could feasibly open a new (or similar) restaurant based upon consumer demand. The video also demonstrates how to find the addresses of restaurant locations within the specific market region.