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Video Tutorials for Business & Economics Research

A repository of instructional video tutorials for business & economics research education.

How to understand customer demographics and consumer demand with Simmons data

You can use Simmons data to understand consumer demographics for customers of specific products or brands, or for those who engage in a particular activity. If you’re starting a new business, you will want to understand who your ideal customer will be.

How to create a custom crosstab variable in Simmons Oneview

Simmons Oneview enables researchers to find demographic information for a huge variety of consumer products, brands, interests, and activities. This video demonstrates how to quickly create a crosstab using a custom demographic variable.

Understanding Demographics of Restaurant Consumers with Simmons Oneview

This video demonstrates how to use Simmons Oneview to gather an understanding of customers of specific restaurant brands. The data includes household income, race, ethnicity, education level, gender, and more. Simmons is an idea resource when trying to identify your target consumer of a particular product or brand.