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Video Tutorials for Business & Economics Research

A repository of instructional video tutorials for business & economics research education.

Note that D&B Hoover's recently changed from "OneSource."  The videos below are for the original Onesource platform and will be updated as time permits.  In the meantime, because the interface if very similar, the videos can still give you the basics of how to use the datasbase. 

How to find stock reports in Onesource

If you are looking for investment information or analyzing a company, you will definitely want to look at stock reports. While SP may be the first choice that many go to when looking for stock reports, it helps to have a well-rounded view of your company. This video shows you how to find up to three analyst reports for a company in Onesource.

How to find a SWOT analysis in OneSource

If you are looking for a SWOT analysis to understand your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, one of the simplest resources to use is OneSource. This video demonstrates how to quickly find a SWOT analysis for most major companies.

How to research a company and ace your interview with OneSource

Got an interview coming up? Need to research some information about your potential employer? This video demonstrates how to find critical information quickly using Onesource to help you ace your interview and save you time.