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Social Work

This is a Social Work research guide. It offers a variety of information to help you with your research needs

Major Resourcesfor Research Articles & Legal

Most laws and legal resources can be found on the general web (yay Google and Democracy!). So I suggest using Google in a smart way by limiting the websites you search to only government websites-- .gov web domains. This is what you would type into Google: (YOUR TOPIC)

Use Google in a Smart Way

We all use Google and for certain research processes such as research on policies, professional organizations, educational information, and government-related programs, using Google can be the quickest and easiest tool.

Here is the trick to searching Google smart:

When searching Google for a policy, regulation, law, or program (just to name a few) type this into the search bar: (Child Development AND Divorce)

What this is doing is "telling" Google to ONLY search government websites (.gov) on my topic in parentheses. It will search for nothing else and takes your literally MILLIONS of results down to a hundred thousand. You can do the same for .edu or .org sites.