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Social Work

This is a Social Work research guide. It offers a variety of information to help you with your research needs

Introduction and Directions

This section of the Social Work guide generally follows your syllabus and rubrics in hopes that access to library resources, research methods, and support will be more intuitive and helpful.

Pay attention to the rubrics given to you in your course syllabus as this is a GUIDE based on those syllabi. If you have any questions or comments about this guide, please let Hanna know.

On the Policy Investigation Assignment (Module 5) Tab is your assigned tutorial that is a supplement to your text. This is also linked in Blackboard.

Policy Advocacy Project

For this group project, identify a social welfare problem (from a chapter in the Jansson text or related to environmental justice or disabilities) and a pending federal, state or local bill that addresses that problem. You will then create an advocacy plan for that bill. Review existing laws, federal and state planning and budget documents, and search the professional literature for studies and program evaluation materials. Use peer reviewed articles, books, government, agency studies/reports, and other related reputable reference material.

Part A: Analyze - Identify and analyze flaws in an existing law that affects a social problem that you have selected and identify and describe a pending bill that is intended to address one or more of these flaws.

Part B: Plan - Prepare an advocacy plan to advocate for, against or to change a pending bill that would affect the existing policy. Include a comprehensive plan that includes multiple strategies such as providing legislative testimony, letters, posters, emails, Op Eds, talking with legislator, attending a march.

Suggested Topics/Programs for Paper with Resources